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Destinations Tracking Trusted By Over 500,000 Students

Destinations Tracking Trusted By Over 500,000 Students

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Our growing community includes over 50 of the UK’s leading Colleges, Universities, Training Providers, and Combined Authorities.

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Know where your students go after they leave

Purlos Destinations helps increase the understanding of where students go after they leave your institution.

A professional service that helps increase engagement

Purlos Engage helps post-16 education and employability providers to increase engagement with their customers, whilst minimising manual work, and replacing ineffective methods of communication.

Rod Bristow, Former President Pearson UK explains the potential for systems like Purlos and the increasing problem of student drop out.

Today, there are so many ways to get the education you need and even though choice is good it can get confusing for students.

This is where Purlos comes in.



increase in conversions


withdrawn students enrolled


from increased enrolment

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Customer Stories

South Essex College & University Centre Case Study

Introduction to South Essex College South Essex College is a renowned educational institution offering a diverse range of courses and programs catering to both 16-19+... Read More

Wigan & Leigh College Case Study

Wigan & Leigh College’s partnership with Purlos has yielded outstanding results in solving their critical challenges. Read More

Bath College Case Study

Bath College partnered with Purlos to streamline data collection and boost engagement resulting in a significant increase in known student destinations, reaching 83%, and a notable rise in Net Promoter Score, showcasing the success of their collaboration. Read More

Plumpton College Case Study

By embracing a data-driven approach to destinations tracking, Plumpton College has not only saved valuable resources but also gained the ability to make informed decisions for its students’ futures. Read More

College of West Anglia Case Study

The successful implementation of Purlos Destinations captured over 84% of student destinations, streamlined data collection and sharing and provided actionable insights into student destinations. Read More

Private: Highlands College Case Study

Highlands College partnered with Purlos to capture over 83% of student destinations. Read More

North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College Case Study

NWSLC uses Purlos Destinations and Purlos Engage to collect over 73% of student destinations and enhance student engagement. Read More

Bedford College Group Case Study

Bedford College Group partnered with Purlos to enhance student destinations tracking and streamline admissions, achieving improved data capture on student destinations and significant enhancements in the admissions process, resulting in increased enrolments, resource optimisation, and enriched student experiences across their campuses. Read More

North Hertfordshire College Case Study

North Hertfordshire College partnered with Purlos to address the challenge of effectively tracking graduate destinations, utilising WhatsApp automation to significantly enhance response rates and collect valuable data for curriculum planning and resource allocation. Read More

Windsor Forest College Case Study

Windsor Forest College collaborated with Purlos to address data collection challenges and boost alumni engagement, achieving a remarkable 92% of total captured destinations. Read More

Eastern Colleges Group Case Study

The Eastern Colleges Group achieved significant improvements in tracking student destinations and optimising curriculum planning through their partnership with Purlos, streamlining data collection and enhancing career support. Read More

Walsall College Case Study

By leveraging Purlos Destinations, Walsall College successfully navigated challenges in tracking short-course student destinations and efficiently verifying outcomes, revolutionising their data-driven decision-making process. Read More


Realise Introduction to Realise Realise is the UK's apprenticeship provider of the year. They are a training provider who helps people to unlock their potential.... Read More

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Case Study

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Case StudyIntroduction to CPCA The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority is a combined authority covering the ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire in the East of England.The challenge One of the main... Read More

Shrewsbury College Case Study

Shattering Enrolment Records: Shrewsbury College Group & Purlos combine to spark action through conversation The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it unprecedented communications challenges for colleges across the country. At Shrewsbury College, it soon became clear... Read More

The RNN Group Case Study

Purlos and The RNN Group join forces to deliver a winning combination of human interaction, WhatsApp engagement and student insights to help the group exceed its student recruitment goals. Read More

Barking & Dagenham Case Study

Student engagement skyrocketed once students had access to Purlos. Whereas engagement rates had been declining over the preceding years, students engaged with our outreach 85% of the time. Read More

Hopwood Hall College Case Study

Hopwood Hall combines strategy and AI to solve an admissions year like no other. Enlisting the help of Purlos to reduce traditional enrolment barriers and keep their students engaged. Read More

NESCOT Case Study

For NESCOT, a large further and higher education college in Surrey, 2020 was the first year that Purlos had been used to support admissions. The impact of COVID-19 and the unprecedented use of teacher assessment Read More

With you, every step of the way

At Purlos, we don’t just give you the platform, we also provide you with a proven methodology that helps you implement our products and deliver results.

Our 3-point strategy covers identifying outcomes, getting started on our platform and ensuring our customer success team equips you with the tools and knowledge to execute flawless campaigns.

Meetings Outdoor With Purlos #1Outcome Management Platform

Improve productivity

We use WhatsApp and SMS to improve application to enrolment conversion rates, and improve destinations data.

Reduce Work

Our digital assistant manages 90% of queries for your applications, marketing and enrolment teams.

Better outcomes

We can help you to create the most effective curriculum and improve learner outcomes through better data.

Create a consistent experience from applicant to alumnus

Whether you’re recruiting new learners, planning your next open day event or simply trying to ascertain where your learners go after they leave your institution, Purlos has you covered.

What our customers say

“The Purlos platform is one that the students use regularly, allow the college to communicate effectively with our applicants The platform has meant that more applicant have decided to enrol with us.”

Mike Needham

Director of Admissions, Communications & Marketing, Shrewsbury College

“Purlos has been amazing… it has been extremely useful to highlight which students could drop-out! Our KPI for early drop-out (those who started but then withdrew) has reduced from 6.8% to 4.3%.”

Dario Stevens

Vice Principal, NESCOT

“Purlos has been a great support, and helped us collect better destinations insight for improved curriculum design. We achieved 83% known destinations”

Jon Domaille

Assistant Principal of the Learner Journey, Bath College