At Purlos, we believe that every aspect of education should be designed and adapted to ensure the best possible outcomes for students.

Survey Education began with a vision to revolutionise education by harnessing the power of data and insights.

Introducing Survey Education: A Purlos Venture

Survey Education has been conceived to take our vision a step further. We understand that understanding student experiences and needs is the foundation of effective education. Hence, we’ve ventured into sending surveys to students to collect crucial data about their destinations and post-education pursuits.


The Importance of Student Destination Data

Understanding where our students go after completing their education is pivotal in shaping a tailored and effective educational journey.

Survey Education actively engages students, educators, and stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue through surveys, allowing us to gather insights, perspectives, and data crucial for enhancing the educational experience.


Group of Students Talking | Purlos Survey Education


Our Methodology

Survey Education is a platform that sends out surveys designed to collect accurate and comprehensive information regarding students’ destinations post-education.

The data collected is then meticulously analysed and processed by Purlos, providing institutions with actionable insights and empowering them to refine teaching strategies and enhance the learning experience.


Our Mission

Our mission at Survey Education is to facilitate a student-centric approach to education. By utilising data-driven insights, we aim to empower educators, institutions, and stakeholders to make informed decisions that will, in turn, influence and enrich the educational journey of students.