Want to optimise your admissions process using human assisted AI?

Jenni – Assisted Intelligence

Jenni is our human-backed assistant, who enables students to get answers to their queries in seconds. A combination of automated intelligence and real people working together, allows Purlos to reduce work for its clients.


Help guide students through complicated tasks that require attention and responsiveness. Nudge them with timely, personalized regarding admissions, follow-ups and upcoming events.

Performance Dashboard

We use AI to highlight the key risk drivers behind students dropping out during the admissions process. Our predictive analytics help senior teams plan, learn and develop strategies that benefits the whole student journey

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What our customers say

“The Purlos platform is one that the students use regularly, allow the college to communicate effectively with our applicants The platform has meant that more applicant have decided to enrol with us.”

Mike Needham

Director of Admissions, Communications & Marketing, Shrewsbury College

“Purlos has been amazing… it has been extremely useful to highlight which students could drop-out! Our KPI for early drop-out (those who started but then withdrew) has reduced from 6.8% to 4.3%.”
Dario Stevens

Vice Principal, NESCOT

“Purlos has been a great support, and helped us collect better destinations insight for improved curriculum design. We achieved 83% known destinations”
Jon Domaille

Assistant Principal of the Learner Journey, Bath College