The Adult Education Budget (AEB) plays a crucial role in supporting the personal and professional development of adults across the UK, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. However, securing this funding requires providers to submit a comprehensive evidence pack demonstrating learner eligibility and program effectiveness. Navigating the intricacies of AEB outcome proofs can feel daunting, but fear not! This guide aims to simplify the process, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to confidently collect and present the necessary evidence.



Understanding the Why:

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) requires evidence to ensure AEB funding is utilised appropriately. This safeguards public funds and guarantees learners receiving the intended support. The evidence primarily verifies learner existence, eligibility, and program completion.



GDPR Considerations:

Remember, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply when submitting information for AEB funding. Instead of including photocopies, simply record the documentation you’ve reviewed. This ensures compliance and protects learner privacy.


What Evidence is Required?



The ESFA outlines specific evidence you need to present:

  • Learner Information: Details from the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) and Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS).
  • Eligibility Assessment: Evidence supporting learner eligibility for funding.
  • Learning Materials: Copies of assessments and diagnostics used to determine learner needs.
  • Prior Learning: Details of any prior learning impacting funding eligibility.
  • Delivery & Skills: Planned learning delivery methods and achieved skills.
  • Learner/Employer Contribution: Details of any learner or employer contributions towards the program.
  • Support Needs & Provision: Evidence of identified support needs and how they were addressed.
  • Learning Completion: Records demonstrating that learning took place.
  • Learner Declarations: Self-declarations from learners regarding job-seeking status and, if applicable, benefits claimed.
  • Qualification Records: Records and evidence of achieved qualifications, including learning aims and traineeship programs.
  • Supporting Justification: Evidence substantiating your funding claims and reported data.



Additional Considerations:

  • Confirmation & Signatures: Ensure learners confirm the information’s accuracy through electronic or digital signatures.
  • Starting, Participation & Completion: AEB funding applies only to actual learning, excluding enrollment, induction, or prior testing.
  • Delivery & Qualifications: You must possess direct center or qualification approval for offered qualifications, and delivery must adhere to awarding body specifications.
  • ILR & Self-Declarations: Ensure accurate completion of all ILR fields and verify learner self-declarations for consistency with the Personal Learning Record (PLR).



Simplifying the Process with Purlos:

While collecting AEB outcome proofs can be complex, Purlos offers an innovative solution. Our digital assistant leverages WhatsApp automation to streamline data collection, reduce administrative burden, and ensure accurate evidence gathering. By automating communication with learners, Purlos simplifies the process of:


Purlos Destinations ✓/ X
Tracking learner outcomes
Collecting evidence
Supporting curriculum design


  • Tracking learner outcomes: Gain real-time insights into learner progress and employment status.
  • Collecting evidence: Effortlessly gather necessary documentation through secure WhatsApp interactions.
  • Supporting curriculum design: Utilise outcome data to tailor future programs based on learner needs and job market demands.




Understanding AEB outcome proofs and effectively collecting evidence is crucial for securing funding and demonstrating program effectiveness. By adhering to ESFA guidelines and leveraging innovative tools like Purlos, you can navigate the process with confidence, ensuring continued support for adult learners and their career aspirations.

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