In the fast-paced world of education, optimising time and resources is essential for institutions.

One critical area where this balance can be achieved is in student data collection.

Purlos Destinations can help to not only streamline the process but also yield significant time and cost savings. 



The Time and Money Saver:

Purlos Destinations is designed to help maximise your institution’s resources:


  1. 5+ Minutes Saved per Student:
  • Purlos Destinations automates data collection, resulting in a remarkable time-saving of 5 minutes or more per student.
  • Traditional phone-based approaches are ineffective in comparison, demanding manual, time-consuming interactions.



  1. Efficiency Driven by WhatsApp:
  • With Purlos Destinations, the engagement rate skyrockets to up to 98%, thanks to the familiarity and ease of WhatsApp.
  • Say goodbye to the inefficiency of phone calls and emails, which typically yield only a 20% engagement rate.



  1. Substantial Cost Reduction:
  • By automating data collection through WhatsApp, Purlos Destinations eliminates the need for additional staffing, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Traditional methods, such as phone calls, require more staff hours, which can be costly.


*based on an average of £35,000 to employ an additional staff member


  1. Streamlined Workflow:
  • The simplicity of Purlos Destinations means your staff can focus on more critical tasks, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  • Time previously spent on manual data collection can now be allocated to strategic initiatives.



Purlos Destinations is the key to unlocking efficient data collection while saving valuable time and resources. 

By harnessing the power of WhatsApp and automating the process, it not only reduces the time spent per student but also leads to significant cost savings by eliminating the need for additional staff. 

Learn more about Purlos Destinations and connect with our team HERE.

Amber Cousins