Convert more students 

Turbocharge your student admissions experience with smart virtual conversations

At Purlos we help you connect with prospective students on the platforms they use regularly, doing all the chasing and heavy lifting for you. Our number one goal is to help you increase your revenue and reduce your workload, which we can accomplish by scaling your student communication, driving more applications & significantly reducing your drop-out rate.

Register for a free Purlos demo before January 31st 2021 and receive FREE WhatsApp Messaging for an entire year when bought alongside the admissions product.

Still unsure if Purlos is the right solution for you? We recently asked NESCOT College to share their thoughts on the platform in our most recent case study which you can find here.


Purlos offers you a way to connect with prospective students on a level they understand, reducing any anxiety or stress they may have and because of that help increase your admissions rates and your revenue as well.

Our Core Features

The Power of Purlos

Increase conversions.

Students don’t answer emails or phone calls. Remove the landmines in your application to enrolment process with Jenni, our smart conversation assistant, working for you 24/7.

Connect With Gen-Z

High student engagement.

Our digital assistant Jenni blasts energy into your college’s brand. Brimming with ROI, she gives you an 80%+ response from students through WhatsApp (vs. under 5% engagement from email)

Predictive Analysis

Powerful data insights.

Your very own intuitive analytics dashboard gives you a clear window into each prospective student’s world. Jenni speaks with them in their language so you can understand their real motivations, fears, aspirations, and anxieties.