Introduction to South Essex College

South Essex College is a renowned educational institution offering a diverse range of courses and programs catering to both 16-19+ students and adult learners. Situated in the heart of Essex, the institution is committed to delivering quality education and fostering student success.



The Challenge

Facing the challenge of effectively tracking and analysing student destinations, South Essex College recognised the need to enhance their data gathering processes. They aimed to ensure that the education they offered, both for Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE), were delivering meaningful outcomes for their students. The challenge lay in efficiently gathering and managing destination data for both segments of learners and aligning their efforts with external reporting standards such as those set by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Additionally, South Essex College and University aspired to not only improve their destination tracking but also streamline communication between the institution and its students. The goal was to gather comprehensive data to understand students’ progressions better and provide targeted support when needed.


Why South Essex College Chose Purlos

Impressed by the results achieved by Purlos in the Further Education sector and understanding the potential benefits, South Essex College decided to use Purlos Destinations. Initially implemented for tracking destinations among 16-19+ students and adult learners in the College’s FE programs, the institution found the system so effective that they extended its use to their University as well.

The decision was influenced by Purlos’ track record of success, and the institution’s desire to provide the same seamless and impactful destination tracking experience to their University students. Recognising the need for a unique approach to destination tracking for HE students, South Essex University collaborated closely with Purlos to design a tailored question set that not only aligned with the institution’s internal requirements but also matched the stringent reporting standards set by HESA.


How Purlos Responded

Working closely with South Essex College and University, Purlos devised a comprehensive engagement strategy. They developed a specialised question set that considered the unique needs of the College and University students, capturing vital information required by both the institution and external reporting bodies.

Leveraging Purlos’ technology, the institution reached out to their students through both WhatsApp and SMS platforms.


The Results

Positive Destinations: South Essex College and University achieved an impressive 83% positive destinations rate, indicating the success of their educational offerings in preparing students for their next steps.

Customised Question Set: For University students, Purlos designed a question set that not only met the institution’s specific requirements but also aligned with HESA standards. This bespoke approach enabled the institution to gather comprehensive and standardised data for reporting purposes.


Destination Results: 

Cohort Total
Progressed Internal 146
Progressed External 2064
Not on WhatsApp 286
Total Actual Contacted on WhatsApp 1776
Total Captured Destinations on WhatsApp 1158
Total Captured Destinations on SMS 35
Total Captured Destinations Overall 1339
Positive Destinations % 83%



With the implementation of Purlos Destinations, South Essex College and University Center achieved a significant milestone in enhancing their destination tracking and analysis capabilities. The institution demonstrated their commitment to ensuring positive outcomes for their students by efficiently collecting and utilising valuable data.

As they move forward, South Essex College and University Center plans to leverage the insights gained from Purlos Destinations to enhance their support and interventions for students’ future success. The successful implementation of the system for both FE and HE segments has positioned the institution as an innovative leader in education, leveraging technology to create impactful student journeys.

To explore how Purlos can help your institution optimise destination tracking, connect with the Purlos team HERE.