Just like the digital divide hinders student learning, outdated methods for tracking post-16 destinations can hinder educators’ ability to improve their programs. Traditionally, gathering destination data often involves time-consuming phone calls and unreliable surveys, leaving educators with limited insights and hindering efforts to demonstrate positive student outcomes.


Unlocking Insights with Technology


Purlos is revolutionising how post-16 institutions gather vital destination data. Through a user-friendly digital assistant that leverages the familiarity of WhatsApp, Purlos automates communication, dramatically reducing workload and increasing response rates. This not only simplifies Ofsted inspections but empowers educators with crucial information to:

  • Measure Success: Gain a clear understanding of how many students progress to positive destinations like employment or higher education. This data empowers educators to demonstrate program effectiveness and highlight areas for celebration or improvement.
  • Refine Curriculum: Knowing where students go after graduation allows educators to tailor their curriculum to better align with industry needs and student aspirations. This ensures students graduate with the skills and knowledge most relevant to their chosen paths.
  • Boost Retention: Insights into student destinations can reveal patterns that impact retention. Proactive outreach to at-risk students can help boost retention rates and ensure all students have a chance to thrive.


The Power of Data-Driven Decisions


In today’s competitive educational landscape, data is king. Purlos’ innovative approach puts valuable student destination data at educators’ fingertips, empowering them to make informed decisions that enhance program quality and ultimately, student success.