Further Education (FE) Colleges play a vital role in driving skills development and providing pathways to fulfilling careers. Yet, many FE colleges are burdened by inefficient, outdated administrative processes that hinder their ability to focus on their core mission of student success. Fortunately, technology like Purlos’ Engage platform offers innovative solutions to streamline these processes, empower FE colleges to operate more efficiently, and ultimately enhance student engagement, enrolment, and retention.


Common Pain Points in FE College Admissions:

  • Outdated Communication: Traditional methods of communication, like email and phone calls, can be time-consuming, impersonal, and inefficient, often leading to missed connections and delayed responses.
  • Complex Application Process: Manual application processes involving paper forms and data entry can be confusing for applicants, causing frustration and hindering admissions completion.



How Purlos ENGAGE Streamlines FE College Admissions:

Purlos ENGAGE addresses these challenges by:

  • Modernising Communication: ENGAGE replaces outdated methods with personalised, two-way communication channels like WhatsApp. This enables colleges to connect with applicants instantly and efficiently, answer questions promptly, and provide timely updates.



Beyond Streamlining: Boosting Engagement and Reducing Drop-Out Rates:

Purlos ENGAGE fosters a more engaging and efficient admissions experience for both colleges and applicants:

  • Increased Engagement: Automated communication workflows and personalised reminders keep applicants informed and engaged throughout the admissions process, reducing drop-out rates due to confusion or lack of information.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and automation tools significantly reduce administrative workload for college staff, allowing them to focus on providing personalised support to potential students.



The Power of Technology for FE College Success:

By embracing Purlos ENGAGE, FE colleges can:

  • Enhance student engagement and enrolment
  • Reduce applicant drop-out rates
  • Streamline admissions processes and improve efficiency
  • Free up valuable staff time for personalised student support

Ultimately, this translates into a stronger applicant pool, improved student retention, and a more successful FE college environment.

If you’re ready to see how Purlos can transform your FE college, contact us today to schedule a demo.