Introduction to Walsall College

Walsall College is a leading educational institution in the West Midlands, dedicated to providing high-quality further education to its diverse student community. 


The Challenge

When Walsall College first partnered with Purlos, they had a specific focus on gathering comprehensive destinations data to evaluate student outcomes more effectively for their adult education courses. They sought to go beyond the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and obtain detailed insights into students’ destinations to determine if they were positive outcomes.

AEB courses are often short and hard to track destinations as calling the students is too costly, thus using WhatsApp was a great alternative.

Furthermore, the college had a unique funding structure based on student achievements through the AEB. This structure provided financial incentives for students who completed their courses and secured jobs, with additional rewards for sustained positive outcomes. To fully leverage this funding model, Walsall College required Purlos to automatically message students after they had been in a job for 13 weeks to verify the outcome and trigger the corresponding funding.


Why Walsall College Chose to Renew with Purlos

Purlos consistently delivered exceptional value and actionable insights to Walsall College since the beginning of their partnership. The college recognised Purlos as a trusted partner in their pursuit of maximising student destinations and outcomes and renewed Purlos Destinations.

With Purlos’ automated approach, Walsall College was able to streamline data collection for its adult courses, analyse detailed analytics, and determine the overall success of their students’ journey from education to employment.

Purlos’ ability to facilitate direct communication with students and provide prompt feedback on their course experiences was highly valued by Walsall College. The college appreciated Purlos’ commitment to continuous improvement and providing monthly insights to support their decision-making process.


Purlos’ Response and Implementation

Upon renewing their contract, Walsall College continued to benefit from Purlos’ comprehensive Destinations product and automated messaging capabilities. Purlos worked closely with the college to ensure that their specific funding-related requirements were incorporated into the platform.

Purlos introduced a new feature that automatically messaged students who had been in a job for 13 weeks, seeking proof of employment. This streamlined process allowed the college to efficiently verify student outcomes and trigger the corresponding funding, enabling them to support students and celebrate their achievements effectively.


Results and Impact

Walsall College’s renewed partnership with Purlos led to remarkable outcomes:

Positive DestinationsPurlos Captured Destinations*
Walsall College72%71%

*Only includes destinations progressed externally by Purlos


– Enhanced Data Capture: Purlos enabled Walsall College to consistently capture detailed destination data, giving them deeper insights into students’ post-college journeys. This data could then be easily shared with the West Midlands Combined Authority.

– Positive Destinations: The college achieved an average of 72% positive destinations, reflecting the success of their efforts to support students in pursuing meaningful careers or further education.

– Powerful Marketing: Incorporating destinations data into its marketing strategy, Walsall College has showcased its commitment to student success and positive outcomes. The results serve as powerful narratives on the college’s website, captivating prospective learners and stakeholders.



Through its continued partnership with Purlos, Walsall College embraced data-driven decision-making and strategic support for its adult learners. 

Purlos Destinations enabled the college to improve their student destinations data which was previously hard to capture due to the nature of short AEB funded courses and the high admin costs associated with calling students.

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Amber Cousins