Unparalleled Engagement Rates

Comparing the engagement rates of different platforms, such as email and SMS, shows that WhatsApp is the most effective by over 75%.

WhatsApp is the Most Effective Way to Engage Students and You’re Missing Out if it’s Not Part of Your Strategy | Purlos

Source: AiSensy, June 2023

“We receive a great response and always manage to reach more applicants than using other platforms.” 

Sarah Suggit, Head of Admissions, NESCOT

WhatsAppEmailSMSPhone Call
Engagement Rate over 30%
Direct & Immediate Connection
Data Insights
GDPR Compliant


“It has really helped us communicate with our potential students in a way that they prefer and will engage in.” 

Jackie Branson, Admissions Manager, North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College


Direct & Immediate Connection

Unlike overlooked emails or ignored phone calls, WhatsApp ensures immediate, real-time interaction.

“Receiving immediate responses to campaigns is a great modern way to communicate with learners who do not always read their emails!” 

Lisa Lacy, Admissions Coordinator,  Bridgend College


Engagement Without Boundaries

Accessible and free of charge, WhatsApp isn’t limited by geographical barriers. Whether students travel abroad or study internationally, staying connected is easy.


Interactive & Personalised Engagement

Static emails and SMS make engagement challenging. From multimedia content to quick polls, Purlos uses WhatsApp to create an immersive, personalised engagement journey.

“Using Purlos has enabled us to communicate more quickly and effectively with our prospective students. We have found that they reply more often than they did via email and are especially quick when replying to a multiple choice question.” 

Samantha Stutt, St Brendan’s College


Insights for Improvement

WhatsApp provides robust analytics so that institutions are able to refine strategies, tailor messages, and enhance student engagement.

“The additional information we managed to gather from Purlos has already been able to improve the overall student experience.”

Jamie Hinckley, Centre Manager, Bedford College


“Purlos has more than exceeded our expectations in terms of data that we are able to compare, analyse and use in future planning.”

Charlotte Geileskey, Junior Careers Leader, West Suffolk College


Compliance & Security

WhatsApp is GDPR compliant and encrypted, it ensures privacy and security, upholding data protection regulations.


Purlos: Transforming Engagement

Embracing WhatsApp’s potential, Purlos redefines how students and institutions interact. From admissions to destinations, Purlos elevates student engagement, ensuring success for institutions and learners alike.


Amber Cousins