Introduction to Windsor Forest College

Windsor Forest College is a further education provider located in the picturesque town of Windsor, Berkshire with several campuses, including Windsor College, Langley College, Strode’s College, and Berkshire College of Agriculture.

Windsor Forest College Case Study | Purlos


The Challenge

Windsor Forest College faced a significant challenge in capturing sufficient destinations data for its students after they completed their studies. The lack of a streamlined and efficient approach to gathering this critical information posed difficulties in assessing the effectiveness of their programs and understanding the career paths of their alumni.

Furthermore, the college wanted to improve alumni engagement by customising messages to students, fostering stronger connections, and increasing their presence on professional platforms like LinkedIn.


Why Windsor Forest College Chose to Partner With Purlos

To address their destinations data and alumni engagement challenges, Windsor Forest College partnered with Purlos. 

The college recognised that by leveraging Purlos Destinations, they could not only streamline data collection but also customise messages to students, leading to increased alumni engagement and a stronger digital presence.


How Purlos Responded

Purlos engaged in thorough discussions with Windsor Forest College to understand their specific needs and goals. Based on this feedback, Purlos tailored an optimum engagement strategy to suit the college’s requirements.

Utilising the Purlos Destinations platform, Windsor Forest College sent personalised messages to their students via WhatsApp. One such message encouraged students to follow the college’s LinkedIn page, leading to a significant increase in the number of followers and enhancing their alumni network.


The Results

CollegePositive DestinationsTotal Captured Destinations
Langley College75%95.22%
Strode’s College95%91.63%
Berkshire College of Agriculture88%91.54%
Windsor College92%90.54%


Purlos seamlessly automated the data collection process, allowing Windsor Forest College to capture a remarkable 92% of total destinations, with an impressive 89% of those captured being positive outcomes.

However, Purlos went further and wanted to capture the remaining 8% of destinations and launched a phone calling campaign capturing another 105 students destinations.


CollegeNumber of Hard To Reach Students*Total Captured Destinations
Langley College10633.01%
Strode’s College11921.84%
Berkshire College of Agriculture1759.71%
Windsor College8731.03%

*not responded to any WhatsApp or email campaigns


Key Outcomes:

  1. Improved Destinations Data: By using Purlos Destinations, the college was able to capture an impressive 92% of destinations data by WhatsApp alone. Following a further phone campaign, Windsor Forest Colleges captured 93% of total destinations. This comprehensive data provided valuable insights into the career paths of their graduates, enabling the institution to make data-driven improvements to their programs.


  1. Increased Alumni Engagement: Through customised messaging, Windsor Forest College successfully enhanced their alumni engagement, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn. This increased online presence fostered a stronger network of former students and improved the college’s reputation.


  1. Enhanced Understanding of Student Outcomes: With 89% of captured destinations being positive outcomes, Windsor Forest College gained a deeper understanding of the impact of their education on student success. This valuable information allowed the college to showcase their achievements and attract more students.


  1. Time and Cost Savings: Purlos’ automated data collection through WhatsApp eliminated the need for time-consuming and costly manual methods like phone calls or emails. This resulted in significant time savings and an overall cost reduction for the college.



Windsor Forest College successfully addressed their destinations data and alumni challenges with Purlos Destinations. By leveraging automated data collection through WhatsApp, the college significantly improved their understanding of student outcomes and saved valuable time and resources.

The success of Windsor Forest College’s collaboration with Purlos exemplifies the effectiveness of innovative technology and using multiple communication channels to improve destinations data results. 

To explore how Purlos Destinations can help your institution gain valuable insights into student destinations and alumni engagement, schedule a consultation with our experts HERE.


Amber Cousins