Offering excellent government services through experience, innovation & expertise.

We increase engagement with local communities

We work with local government bodies to increase engagement with hard-to-reach groups of people to enable them to get back into learning or employment.

We do this by reducing the need for manual tasks, increasing productivity, and replacing outdated methods of communication.

A Deal With Local Government Bodies
Benefits of our offering

Improve productivity

We use WhatsApp and SMS to improve application to enrolment conversion rates, and improve destinations data.

Reduce Work

Our digital assistant manages 90% of queries for your engagement or data insights teams.

Better outcomes

We help people find the right education provider or career by reducing the communication barriers involved in the process.

Customer Stories

Stoke on Trent College Case Study

With 91% of destinations being captured seamlessly, and an impressive 92% positive destinations rate, Stoke on Trent College has successfully addressed its challenges and positioned itself as a leader in leveraging technology for enhanced student outcomes.

Wigan & Leigh College Case Study

Wigan & Leigh College’s partnership with Purlos has yielded outstanding results in solving their critical challenges.

Bath College Case Study

Bath College partnered with Purlos to streamline data collection and boost engagement resulting in a significant increase in known student destinations, reaching 83%, and a notable rise in Net Promoter Score, showcasing the success of their collaboration.

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