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Access an engaged community of over 1 million UK candidates who already use Job Buddy to share their career aspirations and employment status. You can use this proprietary data to search and put your role in front of the most qualified candidates and those open to new opportunities!

Connect Instantly via WhatsApp or SMS

75% of GenZ prefer instant messaging over emails. Use WhatsApp or SMS to reach out to candidates quickly. Enjoy higher response rates than either cold calling or email could ever deliver..

Manage Talent

Streamline your workflow and team activities with searches, profiles, and applicant notes. Easily review and prioritise candidates by rating those who are a good match, and reach out to start a conversation.



increase in conversions


withdrawn learners enrolled


from increased enrolment

With you, every step of the way

At Purlos, we don’t just give you the platform, we also provide you with a proven methodology that helps you implement our products and deliver results.

Our 3-point strategy covers identifying outcomes, getting started on our platform and ensuring our customer success team equips you with the tools and knowledge to execute flawless campaigns

Improve productivity

We use WhatsApp and SMS to improve enquiry to application conversion rates, and improve destination data gathering

Reduce Work

Our digital assistant manages 90% of queries for your applications, marketing and enrolment teams

Better outcomes

We can help you to create the most effective curriculum and improve learner outcomes through better data.

Create a consistent experience from applicant to alumnus

Whether you’re recruiting new learners, planning your next open day event or simply trying to ascertain where your learners go after they leave your institution, Purlos has you covered.