You are not alone. Colleges and Universities throughout the whole world have been hit severely by this virus. We all know events across institutions do not just magically appear overnight, it also does not happen on the day. The operations of events taking place across universities and colleges take some time to get everything perfect and to coordinate with all the support staff to ensure things will run as smoothly as possible.

Therefore, the extremity of this pandemic is like something never seen before and for some, all of that hard work in organising the campus events had to scrapped or postponed indefinitely. The nervous yet excited students and parents will now not be crowding campuses, instead, be slumped on the sofa looking at their potential place of study through a laptop screen.

Although physical events offer a lot more freedom to explore what you want, virtual tours are the next best thing. With this in mind, what are the ingredients to whip up a fantastic digital event?

Market It

With respect to our previous article, it was clear that virtual events need to be marketed throughout various digital mediums, from social media to a well-thought-out email campaign. Using event tools help the students remember attending – It’s great having the marketing to build excitement, but you need them to attend!

Pre‐recorded or Live? Or both?

It is wise to think of how you would like to display the campus. Do you want it all to be prerecorded and professionally edited? Do you want it all to be live feed? A mixture of both worlds? Consider the pros and cons of both. For example, if it is all pre‐recorded, it makes it look more like an advertisement than interactive event, but it will be smooth from start to finish.

If you have it all in live feed, the watchers would get bored just seeing the cameraperson walking for a long time from one place to another and they will inevitably lose concentration. The most fitting solution to ponder with is having some bits pre‐recorded with high‐quality equipment and music, then switch to the live feed to answer any students’ questions in realtime.


Nothing is more interactive than getting the potential students involved with genuine concerns and questions they may have, it is wise to provide ample amount of time for this, as sometimes students’ minds are scrambled with nervousness and excitement.

To get off to a smooth start without any awkwardness at all, it is advised to have a dummy account on the Facebook Live feed or streaming feed to throw some dummy questions in, think about it, nobody wants to be that guy that asks the question first!

Therefore, having a tour that mixes in live interactivity coupled with beautiful high‐quality shots of the campus is the best quick fix until the virus has settled. Unless universities want to do a full version of the tour with Virtual Reality headsets, but let’s keep the budget modest!