Introduction to Plumpton College

Plumpton College is the leading provider of land and environment education nestled in the heart of East Sussex, providing immersive education for a changing world.

Plumpton College Case Study | Purlos


The Challenge

Plumpton College faced the challenge of streamlining their destinations tracking process and optimising their approach to gather crucial student data. Their existing method involved time-consuming phone calls, leading to resource drain and limited data richness. They recognised the need for a modern solution to improve efficiency and gain deeper insights into their students’ destinations.

Chris Knell, the Finance Director at Plumpton College, emphasised the importance of achieving higher response rates and obtaining data that could inform decisions and showcase student outcomes.


Why Plumpton College Chose to Partner with Purlos

Seeking a robust and efficient solution, Plumpton College turned to Purlos. Their main goal was to enhance the destinations tracking process, customise questionnaires according to their college’s needs, and increase the overall response rate.


How Purlos Responded

Purlos worked closely with Plumpton College to develop a tailored engagement strategy. Understanding the college’s specific goals, Purlos designed a comprehensive questionnaire set that accurately captured student destinations. This approach ensured a high level of engagement and data accuracy.

The Purlos team implemented a multi-channel approach, utilising WhatsApp, SMS, email, and phone communications to reach out to students effectively. This enabled them to gather data from a variety of sources and maximise response rates.


The Results


Through their collaboration with Purlos, Plumpton College achieved remarkable results:

Data received from client635
Not on WhatsApp84
Total Actual Contacted on WhatsApp551
Total Captured Destinations on WhatsApp422
Total Captured Destinations on SMS14
Total Captured Destinations on Email2
Total Captured Destinations on Phone25
Progressed External463
Progressed Internal390
Total Captured Destinations Overall853
Total Captured Destinations Overall %83.2%
Positive Destinations %92%


By using Purlos Destinations, Plumpton College significantly improved their data collection process. With 92% of captured destinations being positive, the college gained valuable insights into their students’ post-education paths.



This shift to a modern destinations tracking system translated into substantial resource savings. The time previously spent on manual phone calls was redirected towards more strategic initiatives, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, the ability to showcase positive student outcomes to stakeholders and prospective students has strengthened Plumpton College’s reputation as an institution that values and supports its learners.


“Plumpton College has been using Purlos for two years. During that time we’ve saved significant amounts of staff time making calls. We’ve been able to customise the questions for our college and most importantly, we’ve massively increased the response rate and the richness of our data. That enables us to make informed judgments and showcases how effective we are at fulfilling the skills needs of the sector, providing a highly-skilled future-fit workforce.

Chris Knell, Finance Director, Plumpton College



The partnership between Plumpton College and Purlos exemplifies the power of innovation in education. By embracing a data-driven approach to destinations tracking, Plumpton College has not only saved valuable resources but also gained the ability to make informed decisions for its students’ futures.

If your educational institution aims to enhance destinations tracking, streamline processes, and showcase student success, consider how Purlos can help. 

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Amber Cousins