We were recently invited to speak at the Digifest 2021 conference to share our thoughts on how educational institutions can overcome the traditional barriers to enrolment.

Presented by David Bartlett, CEO of Purlos this webinar will explore how such barriers can be overcome by transforming how you communicate and engage with your students during the admissions process and beyond.

Watch the webinar to learn how to;

  • Tap into the power of AI to personalize communication at scale and streamline the admissions process
  •  Why supporting students in real-time, will dramatically reduce the likelihood of them dropping out or deferring
  •  Convert more students by working smarter, not harder
  • Watch the recording:
    Learn how our partners are using Purlos to drive forward student success

    Stoke on Trent College Case Study

    With 91% of destinations being captured seamlessly, and an impressive 92% positive destinations rate, Stoke on Trent College has successfully addressed its challenges and positioned itself as a leader in leveraging technology for enhanced student outcomes.

    Bath College Case Study

    Bath College partnered with Purlos to streamline data collection and boost engagement resulting in a significant increase in known student destinations, reaching 83%, and a notable rise in Net Promoter Score, showcasing the success of their collaboration.

    Plumpton College Case Study

    By embracing a data-driven approach to destinations tracking, Plumpton College has not only saved valuable resources but also gained the ability to make informed decisions for its students’ futures.

    Author: Fraser