Introduction to NWSLC

North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College (NWSLC) is an educational institution located in the heart of the United Kingdom, serving a diverse student population across North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire. The college offers a wide range of educational and vocational programs aimed at empowering students to excel in their chosen fields.


The Challenge

NWSLC faced a series of challenges in effectively engaging with their student cohort and capturing critical destinations data. With multiple campuses and courses, ensuring consistent communication and understanding student outcomes was essential. Additionally, traditional methods of communication, such as phone calls, proved time-consuming and limited in their reach.

To optimise their student engagement strategy, the college sought to enhance communication regarding interviews, offer acceptances, and enrolment. They also aimed to proactively address common queries that prospective and current students might have, in order to provide a seamless and responsive experience.


Why NWSLC Chose to Partner with Purlos

NWSLC recognised the need for a modern, efficient, and interactive communication solution to engage with their students, and after evaluating various options, they turned to Purlos.

The college’s primary goal was to leverage both Purlos Destinations and Purlos Engage to create a holistic approach to student engagement and destinations data collection. 


How Purlos Responded

Purlos promptly initiated collaboration with NWSLC, holding monthly meetings to understand their unique needs and tailor Purlos Engage and Destinations accordingly.


“The support from the Purlos team is incredible, we have regular meetings to discuss any requirements we may have and any plans for forthcoming campaigns.”

Jackie Branson, Student Experience Team / Admissions & Bursary Manager, NWSLC


Purlos worked closely with college administrators to create effective engagement campaigns. Customised responses to common queries were set up in the system, ensuring that students received timely and accurate information. This not only streamlined communication but also reduced the workload on college staff.


“We currently use it for campaigns linked to Interviews, accepting offers and enrolment. In the background we have set up answers to a number of questions that we feel may arise and the system can therefore answer the majority of queries that may arise.”

Jackie Branson, Student Experience Team / Admissions & Bursary Manager, NWSLC


For Destinations data collection, Purlos designed a comprehensive question-set, taking into consideration the diverse outcomes students might achieve, such as Employment, Further Education, Apprenticeships, and more.


The Results

Enhanced Student Engagement: Purlos Engage enabled NWSLC to communicate with students in a manner that resonated with them. The college successfully implemented campaigns related to interviews, offer acceptances, and enrolment, resulting in smoother processes and higher response rates.


“It has really helped us communicate with our potential students in a way that they prefer and will engage in.”

Jackie Branson, Student Experience Team / Admissions & Bursary Manager, NWSLC


Time and Resource Savings: By utilising Purlos Engage and Destinations, NWSLC optimised their communication processes throughout the learner journey and saved valuable time and resources. The automated responses to common queries reduced the need for manual intervention and allowed staff to focus on higher-value tasks.


“Purlos is a fabulous tool for engaging with our student cohort.” 

Jackie Branson, Student Experience Team / Admissions & Bursary Manager, NWSLC



NWSLC continues to collaborate with Purlos, leveraging the insights from destinations data to refine their processes and improve the quality of education they are providing. The partnership aims to foster continuous improvement and innovation, keeping the college at the forefront of student engagement strategies.

The success of NWSLC’s engagement and data collection initiatives has positioned them as leaders in their commitment to student success and outcomes, and their ongoing partnership with Purlos ensures that they remain ahead of the curve in the dynamic landscape of education.


Purlos went “above and beyond”. 

Jackie Branson, Student Experience Team / Admissions & Bursary Manager, NWSLC


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