Over recent years, student engagement’ has become a core aim for the Further Education sector. Educational policy initiatives have emphasised the importance of students’ active engagement in their own education, and the benefits to be gained when students play an active role in shaping and enhancing their own educational experiences.  

In this webinar David Bartlett, CEO of Purlos will explore how colleges can, with the aid of a student-centred communication plan, better support their students by developing genuine individual connections, that are based on meaningful interactions with students at every step of their journey, from application all the way through to graduation.  

In this webinar we’ll share 

  • The importance of developing and implementing a communication plan that has student behaviour and attitudes at its core 
  • How you can drive student success and action through more engaging methods of communication  
  • Insights and proven techniques to support students and enhance personalized connections  
Watch the recording:

Learn how our partners are using Purlos to drive student success

Stoke on Trent College Case Study

With 91% of destinations being captured seamlessly, and an impressive 92% positive destinations rate, Stoke on Trent College has successfully addressed its challenges and positioned itself as a leader in leveraging technology for enhanced student outcomes.

Bath College Case Study

Bath College partnered with Purlos to streamline data collection and boost engagement resulting in a significant increase in known student destinations, reaching 83%, and a notable rise in Net Promoter Score, showcasing the success of their collaboration.

Plumpton College Case Study

By embracing a data-driven approach to destinations tracking, Plumpton College has not only saved valuable resources but also gained the ability to make informed decisions for its students’ futures.

College of West Anglia Case Study

The successful implementation of Purlos Destinations captured over 84% of student destinations, streamlined data collection and sharing and provided actionable insights into student destinations. 

Bedford College Group Case Study

Bedford College Group partnered with Purlos to enhance student destinations tracking and streamline admissions, achieving improved data capture on student destinations and significant enhancements in the admissions process, resulting in increased enrolments, resource optimisation, and enriched student experiences across their campuses.

North Hertfordshire College Case Study

North Hertfordshire College partnered with Purlos to address the challenge of effectively tracking graduate destinations, utilising WhatsApp automation to significantly enhance response rates and collect valuable data for curriculum planning and resource allocation.

Windsor Forest College Case Study

Windsor Forest College collaborated with Purlos to address data collection challenges and boost alumni engagement, achieving a remarkable 92% of total captured destinations.

Eastern Colleges Group Case Study

The Eastern Colleges Group achieved significant improvements in tracking student destinations and optimising curriculum planning through their partnership with Purlos, streamlining data collection and enhancing career support.

Author: Fraser